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04.28.2018 - 04.29.2018
Celia's Gourmet Foods


An Annual 2-Day Event
Where You Can Touch, Taste
& Experience Life on the Farm

Always the last weekend in April, Oregon Ag Fest is an activity-filled festival where kids (and grown ups too!) can touch, taste and experience life on the farm.

Agriculture affects us all, though many of us don't know much more than where to buy the products we need.

At Ag Fest, learn where our food, horticulture and fiber comes from, how livestock is raised, the importance of forests for our ecology and survival, plus much more. Plant a seedling, ride a pony, watch chicks hatch, pet a rabbit, dig for potatoes and much more.

Nearly 18,000 people attend Ag Fest each year to learn about Oregon's largest industry. Come join us!

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