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Celia's Gourmet Foods Wholesale Information

Thank you for your interest in offering Celia’s Gourmet Foods products in your retail store.

Celia's Gourmet Foods has a history of producing the finest specialty foods in the industry. Our mail order catalogs, our internet sales and our in person trade show sales offer our products throughout the United States and Canada, establishing customer loyalty season after season. We have developed a reputation of quality standards and healthy eating that has set an industry benchmark for our products and our outlets. Because of this reputation, each retailer is carefully selected to reflect the quality and standards that Celia's Gourmet Foods has perpetuated throughout our history.

Celia's Gourmet Food products are loved by many, and our fan base grows on a daily basis. In order to purchase at wholesale prices and offer our products in your retail environment, you must at the very least be a business entity and provide us with your business information and a business tax ID number. You must also be willing to provide samples of our products to your retail customers on a regular basis. If you’re not sampling, you’re not selling, and dust on products does neither of us any good.

The minimum purchase requirement, in order to become a wholesale account with Celia's Gourmet Foods is 12 cases. We recommend that you carry all of our products to provide your customers with the total Celia's Gourmet Foods experience, but that is a recommendation and not a requirement. A wholesale price list will be furnished once you have submitted an application to become a wholesale account.

Please fill out the following form to apply for a Celia's Gourmet Foods wholesale account. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible after receiving your information!

 Wholesale Account Application


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